662 Bradford Road, Newport, NH

Pastured Pork

Pastured Eggs

From the Hens!

$5.50/dozen or $3/half dozen

And the Ducks!

​$8/dozen or $4/half dozen

Pasture Raised Pekin Duck

New to the farm, our Pekin Ducks are rotated on fresh pasture and taste amazing.

Ours ducks are around 3lbs. 

Whole Bird $25

Pastured Chicken

Our very own pasture raised birds are housed in open air mobile coops and moved daily to fresh pasture where they happily peck away at grasses and bugs. Healthy and delicious!

Whole Chicken $5.50/lb
Half Chicken $6/lb
Legs & Thighs $6/lb
Boneless Breast $8/lb
Wings $5/lb

Pork Retail Cuts 

Bacon $12/lb (Nitrate Free) SOLD OUT - BE BACK SOON
Country Style Ribs $8/lb   St. Louis Style Ribs $11/lb SOLD OUT - BE BACK SOON
Ground Pork (Bulk) $7.50/lb  Bacon Ends $10/lb
Sausage Links $9/lb Bulk $7.75/lb

FLAVORS: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian and Garlic & Parmesan - More coming soon!

Pork Chops $10/lb   Tenderloin $20/lb
Loin Roast $10.50/lb    Pork Butt Roast $9/lb
Smoked Holiday Ham Roast $10/lb (6-7lbs)
Smoked Ham Steak, 1" Thick $11/lb
Smoked Shoulder $10/lb
Lard (unrendered, leaf or regular) $3/lb   Lard (rendered) $3/tub
Jowls $4/lb   Hocks & Trotters $4/lb

How do I get my hands on my delicious goodies?!?!

We have a few different options!

First off, you are always welcome to come by the farm to pick up your order

and check out where everything was raised.

If you don't have time to make the trip, you can pick up your order at the

Stoneham Farmer's Market, the Newport Farmers Market or we can arrange for home delivery.

Home delivery is free if you order at least $100 worth of product, so stock up or order with a friend!

Our pigs spend their lives with their litter mates rotating through pasture or forested paddocks where they forage, root around, make mud holes, enjoy seasonal treats like apples and acorns, take naps in the sun and basically just have fun being a pig. Our pigs are all heritage crosses because they are generally healthier with gentle temperaments, not to mention being much better tasting than other more conventional breeds.

Pork Shares

Pork shares come with a variety of different cuts including, but not limited to; pork chops, linked and bulk sausage, roasts, smoked ham or shoulder, ribs, hocks, ham steaks, ground pork and (of course) BACON. We can work with

you on different options (for example: types of sausage flavoring, smoking or not, hams or ham steaks, roasts or

grill cuts, etc.) and are happy to answer any questions. Shares are a fun and economical way to buy local and

stock up on some pastured plenty and are great to split among family, friends or co-workers!

Whole Pig Share $1095

With a whole pig share, please anticipate about 130-140lbs of meat. (About $8.42-$7.82/lb)

It is best to have supplemental freezer space, as this amount of meat won't fit in your conventional freezer.

Half Pig Share $595

With a half pig share, please anticipate about 65-70lbs of meat. (About $8.50-$9.15/lb)

A half pig share will also most likely require additional freezer space.

Quarter Pig Share $295

A quarter pig share will bring you about 30-35lbs of meat. (About $8.50-$9.80/lb)

We designed this share specifically to fit in a regular freezer. Granted, there won't be room for much else (a few

pints of ice cream perhaps... but between bacon and ice cream, you should be good to go!)