Kristen got into farming mainly because constantly thinking about all things farm related was interfering with the rest of her life. She interned with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA in the summer of 2014, blogs for Mother Earth News and teaches classes on pasture rotational farming methods. She enjoys taking care of the animals (especially the chickens and ducks), going to the farmers markets and interacting with customers.

Meet Your Farmers!

662 Bradford Road, Newport, NH 03773

Calvin & Daisy

Calvin is an Australian Shepherd Mix who was adopted from Arkansas when he was a puppy. He enjoys barking at people (even if he knows them), playing fetch, and helping move the chicken coops.

Daisy, our newest addition, is an English Cream Golden Retriever who loves everything, especially roughhousing with Calvin, sticks and charming people into patting her.

Our Philosophy

Service to man

through land stewardship

The understanding that helping our land helps all of us is very important to us and one of the driving factors that inspires us every day.

Through the use of a rotational grazing program, we pasture our animals following a deliberate system. Our animals enrich our soil, which in turn enriches our grasses and ecosystem, which will further enrich our animals and the cycle continues.

This cycle will also enrich us and our neighbors through delicious nutritious food and the peace

of mind that comes from knowing that what we consume comes from a sustainable, clean, safe and beneficial food model grown by people you know.

Our goal is to provide for others by taking care of our land in a beneficial way and to provide our animals with a happy and healthy life. It is with a grateful heart that we look forward to sharing this bounty with you and yours.


Being driven to feel more connected to food and the world we live in, Dan's first foray into farming was working at Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds in Sudbury, MA as a farm assistant. He looks forward to continually fostering the land here in NH and to meeting people through providing good food to others. He especially enjoys animal husbandry, the pigs and Cleo the milk cow.